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Salad Days Magazine | November 30, 2022

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Action Agent ‘Action Agent’

Action Agent ‘Action Agent’
Salad Days

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‘Action Agent’-LP
(Self Published)

Fans of Rise Against, Rage Against The Machine and Modern Life Is War: stop what you are doing and listen. Action Agent is a new band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida you have to check out. This first, self-titled EP from these 4 childhood friends (Mike Calabria, Austin Diaz, Tony Trussell & Harold Diago) is a politically-driven hardcore punk powerhouse you won’t want to miss. Even though I personally hate when music and politics mix too much, Action Agent does it with rhyme, reason and meaning. The EP’s 7 tracks are surprisingly very well recorded for a new band (though a few of its members have played in different rock bands, notably Black Tide & Go Deep), but not to the level of hiding their rage for the system. Diaz’s technical guitar riffs and Calabria’s fast drumming follow Diago’s angry yet mindful fronting, whose role clearly sparks a deeper thinking as to what’s really going on around us. ‘Break The Cycle’ is probably the best song representing this album, a must-see live during their shows. Oh, as a side note: following the punk-beer brewing combo getting more and more common these days, Action Agent recently signed a deal with Beer Punx brew pub in Fort Lauderdale, co-releasing their own beer, “Frag Out!”
(Stefano Lagerfeld)



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