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Salad Days Magazine | July 5, 2020

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Ardentees ‘Pseudo Reality’ collection

Ardentees ‘Pseudo Reality’ collection

The same lines over and over
Like a scene from a play
Too often rehearsed
We lie to ourselves
And we lie to each other
And continue our belief
That we speak only truth
Acting reality
We make it seem so real
You could touch us
But what would you feel?
Am I warm or cold
Or even tangible?
Into my orange-tinted dreams
I lapse once more
For this reality is not pseudo
It’s just fake
How can you take it?
The finest actors ever…
I shun you all.
Tamyka Bell
19 April 2001

Ardentees has just released a collection of 13 designs based on the theme of “PSEUDO REALITY’, inspired by a poem by Tamyka Bell. Featuring designs from new artists to their ever-growing band of artists, like Julian Kahlon (Robot Tiger), Claudio Parentela, Katty Bouthier and Ruben Ireland, these new designs are juxtaposed on new and different colorways and on ladies tees and tank tops for a more varied choice. The artists’ personal inspiration behind the designs are multifaceted, from Robot Tiger’s Love Thief, which is based on “The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief”, the journey of one’s conscience and freeing one’s mind from reality’s influence for Austin Pardun’s “Perception” and Ruben Ireland’s piece “Peyote Warrior” which is based on self induced madness about an female warrior that is on the verge of realization that fighting is not the right. The collection is currently available from and will retail for a price of US$39.00/2 €28.00 /

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