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Salad Days Magazine | July 15, 2019

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Arnette IN YOUR FACE surf video competition – announcement winners

Arnette IN YOUR FACE surf video competition – announcement winners

The winner of the Arnette IN YOUR FACE Surf Video Contest has been chosen. The Holmstroem Crew from Kiel made it just before the Carcans Océan Crew and theGenoa Crew. With the IN YOUR FACE Video Contest Arnette dedicated this year to the European surfing scene. Surfers from Germany, France and Italy were asked to activate three buddies and to send in some surfing footage as well as a rough idea for their very own video part. It were the Holmstroem Crew (Germany), the Carcans Océan Crew (France) and the Genoa Crew (Italy) who were chosen within their countries. Those crews then went filming with Boris Benedek for a week around their local spots to get the best footage possible and had Arnette throw each of them a legendary premiere party afterwards. And as if this wasn’t enough, they also all had the chance to win the main price of the IN YOUR FACE Video Contest: a surf trip to the US – the decision was made via an online voting on the Arnette Europe facebook page. It was a pretty exciting race with each of the crews leading for some time but in the end it was the Holmstroem Crew who convinced the public with their video part and made it to the top. Jonas Bronnert, Fin-Erik Christensen and Lars Kossowski did put a lot of effort into their part showing a great mix of surfing action as well as fun & scenic shots around their local spots. Congrats guys, you deserve it! Every crew wanted it but it will be those guys who will be going on the surf trip to Arnette’s home California. There they will not only surf the best spots in the Sunshine States but will also meet up with Arnette US team riders such as Timmy Reyes, Nic Lamb, Ford Archbold & Co. You can now watch all IN YOUR FACE video parts in HD on Vimeo. Besides the winning clip from Northern Germany you can also find the parts from the Atlantic Coast and the Mediterranean. And these guys’ video parts are in no way inferior to the Holmstroem one, it’s definitely worth watching them!

Germany – Holmstroem Crew

France – Carcans Océan Crew

Italy – Genoa Crew

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