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Salad Days Magazine | January 27, 2023

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Arnette optics

Product Release 3 Monday,11st October 2010

Fire Drill

Don’t ask how we came up with that name. Let’s just say that it’s a positive association with cancelled classes at school due to a fire drill…Putting the Fire Drill on your nose is at least as good as “No math class!”. Especially as some models of the “Gas Station Edition“ come with temples in contrasting colors; exceptionally funky with the limited edition neon colored ones – they are as good as summer holidays! Fire Drill is available in the following colors: Red Transparent/Grey, Transparent/Grey with aquamarine-transparent temples, Brown Gradient/Polar Brown Gradient, Black/Polar Grey Gradient with red temples, Black/Grey, Matte Black/ Grey with neon orange, neon blue or neon pink temples (Limited Editions) and White/Grey with violet temples.


The Wager is the perfect solution for every situation. With its striking features one could pick them out from a dozen other glasses even when blindfolded at a game show. Referring to sunglass classics from the 60s and 70s the Wager is still so “today” with its modern materials and colors, especially cause they definitely didn’t have any polarized lenses to prevent irritating surface reflections back then. That’s why the Wager doesn’t only go perfectly with every vintage or new car but would also get every 70s game show host into any club – past the strictest bouncers. The Wager is available in Matte Black/Grey Green, Striped Havana/Brown, Striped
Havana/Polar Brown Gradient, Grey Striped Havana/Grey, Black/Grey, Black/Polar Grey
Gradient and Black/Grey (with an extra pair of transparent temples)


The Stakeout is responsible for good taste. Even though its aviator style is definitely related to the One Time, the Stakeout feels kinda embarrassed for its cheap wannabe cousins available at any gas station. This is a new interpretation of the classic sunnies, and of course it is also available with polarized lenses. With its prominent frame and the massive temples, which add some distinctive color, you’re well prepared for any observation; might it be the “surveillance” of a surf contest, a motorbike race or of the girl in the bikini on the deck chair two rows to the left. The Stakeout is available in the following color variations: Gunmetal/Grey, Gold/Grey Green, Silver/Grey, Shiny Black/Polar Grey or Brushed Brown Havana/Polar Brown.

About Arnette

Arnette was founded in 1992 out of the belief that one’s own way is not only the right but the only way! Having started out of a tiny garage in Orange County, CA, over the years Arnette has established itself as one of the leading brands in the youth inspired lifestyle eyewear market. With strong designs and an as strong and exceptional attitude Arnette does not only stand out from the crowd but has also managed to keep its own character till today. The Arnette PRO team includes some of the best skaters and surfers in the world and, having made rookie support one of their main priorities, a close relationship between the communities as well as the future of our favorite sports through tailored support of new talents is guaranteed. See the world through Arnette’s eyes at

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