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Salad Days Magazine | December 5, 2022

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Australia’s Violent Soho sign to SideOneDummy!

Australia’s Violent Soho sign to SideOneDummy!
Salad Days

New Album ‘Hungry Ghost’ Out September 30 – ‘Covered In Chrome’ Available Today

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mention the name Violent Soho to anyone in Australia and you’ll likely be met with a huge “HELL FUCK YEAH!” in response. That’s because the Brisbane-based alternative rock band has truly started a fire in their homeland, with their latest album ‘Hungry Ghost’ peaking at #6 on the Australian charts and lead single ‘Covered In Chrome’ quickly taking over the airwaves. With one listen, it comes as no surprise that picked them up stateside and will be releasing Violent Soho’s ‘Hungry Ghost’ on September 30, with the infectious single ‘Covered In Chrome’ and b-side ‘Tinderbox’ available at all digital retailers today. Pre-orders for ‘Hungry Ghost’ will be available later this summer. Some may recall Violent Soho from their 2010 self-titled album released on Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth’s label, Ecstatic Peace! Records. While the album delivered riffage-heavy highlights like ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ and ‘Muscle Junkie’ after playing nearly 250 shows around the world in just one year, the band quickly found themselves at a standstill. It took some time being back home for frontman Luke Boerdam and his bandmates – James Tidswell (guitar/vocals), Luke Henery (bass) and Michael Richards (drums) – to realize that all of that touring and experience had given them a new perspective on their music. “It was a process of figuring out what we did like,” Luke explains, “rather than concentrating on what we used to do. We’ve changed and grown as people, so the music we were writing needed to reflect that. Whatever excited us, those are the songs that we went with.”


Produced by Bryce Moorhead (“the Steve Albini of Brisbane”), the songs that wound up on ‘Hungry Ghost’ (originally released by I OH YOU in Australia) are bound to excite the masses here in the states, too. Whether it’s the throat-tearing chorus of ‘Covered In Chrome’ or the lush melody of ‘Saramona Said’, the album is loaded with unforgettable hooks and sing-a-longs worthy of rock’s cleanest and gnarliest moments from Down Under.


‘Hungry Ghost’ will be available via SideOneDummy on September 29.
Stay tuned for pre-order bundles later this summer.


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