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Salad Days Magazine | March 27, 2023

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Salad Days

Big Spin are premiere a music lyric video for new single ‘Botomless’ taken from the second new album.

After not playing together for 17 or 18 years, ‘Bottomless’ was one of the first songs that Big Spin wrote together as a group. It starts with a heavy bass riff, then enter the guitars, which, together with the drums, create a syncopated harmony with which they wanted to generate expectation. The first change is towards a 90s Skatepunk, one of them all-time favorite sounds. Intention was to create something that progressed freely between different rhythms and styles, but without feeling forced.

As for the lyrics, think they reflect what Big Spin has always wanted to do with music, because although recognize that their lives are determined by many factors — social, economic, cultural, etc. —, deep down, at the bottom, there’s an open space, without ties; a small degree of freedom that, like every kind of freedom, is absolute freedom. The main idea of the song is that, at the bottom of everything, it’s all bottomless, so stop dwelling on what could have been and start creating your own life.

Big Spin is a Mexican punk rock band from Mexico City. The band was formed in 1997 by drummer Victor and guitarists Ros and Toño. Vocalist Eumir and bassist Miguel joined Big Spin shortly after their band Nihilismo broke up. The day they all met they composed their first song: ‘Hang Over’. The next year, 1998, they recorded a demo tape. One year later the band recorded their first record ‘…Be Good to Yourself’ with engineer Enrique Ibarra. The CD came out in the year 2000. They toured through Mexico with bands like, Dee Dee Ramone, Strung Out, Union 13, Panteon Rococo, Inspector, Division Minuscula, Fun People, and more bands, national and international. In 2001 they played in Madrid, Spain, at the Festimad 01, one of the biggest music festivals in all Europe, where they shared stage with bands such as Muse, Slipknot, Biohazard, Manic Street Preachers and Orishas, among others. After some changes in the line-up, in 2013 Big Spin, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Eumir, guitarist Ros, bassist Miguel and drummer Gibran recorded two new songs after more than ten years: ‘I Miss My Friends’ and ‘They Take Away’. In 2020, 20 years after their first album, the band released their new self-titled LP. As a fact: “For ten days, we got there early in the morning, composed a song and, at the end of the day, recorded it…”

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