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Salad Days Magazine | October 30, 2020

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February 14, 2020 |

Pure product of Tasmania, Dion develops his surfing skills in a creative way.
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Tomas Hermes’ SOMA | Surf | Vans

February 5, 2020 |

SOMA means the sum of all things. SOMA is the DIY surf film by Tomas Hermes and Ana Romanio. “Just like art, the performance of surf fascinates me,” Tomas Hermes.
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Weird Waves Season 2: Gaso-Line (Portugal) | Surf | Vans

January 29, 2020 |

In this episode of Weird Waves Dylan Graves and the WW Crew prove ferry waves are real.
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Tom Sachs Movies ‘How To Learn How To Surf’

January 21, 2020 |

This is a movie about bad surfers on the long, painful road to becoming OK surfers.
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Weird Waves Season 2: Time Travel (Nigeria) | Surf | Vans

January 20, 2020 |

If you could travel back in time and see surfing in its infant state, what do you think you would see?
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Weird Waves Season 2: ‘Glacier Surfing (Alaska)’ | Surf | Vans

January 9, 2020 |

The Weird Waves Crew wanted to start off season 2 with a bang.
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December 19, 2019 |

Watch: ‘These Violent Delights’. A new film.
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Andrew Mooney hits the road on Canada’s East Coast in search of perfect hurricane surf

December 8, 2019 |

Australian slab addict Andrew Mooney decided that, for his birthday, he’d take a little different kind of surf trip than he’s used to.
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Vans presenta per la stagione Holiday 2019 una rivisitazione del modello Destruct SF

December 5, 2019 |

Il risultato è la combinazione di trazione, resistenza, comfort e stile che il noto surfer Kyuss King definisce come la fusione perfetta per una sneaker adatta ai surfisti.
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Angelo Bonomelli in ‘Mentawai Remix’ – 1 year later

November 21, 2019 |

One year later, memories came back in Angelo’s mind.
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November 12, 2019 |

9th Annual London Surf / Film Festival x Vans touched down in the heart of the capital, bringing the to the UK the very cream of international surf culture and the creatives behind it…
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Volcom ambassador Noa Deane x ‘Ru. Bu 994′

November 3, 2019 |

Noa Deane new project – ‘Ru. Bu 994′.
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Volcom ‘Lovely France – Charly Quivront’

November 3, 2019 |

Are French Beach Breaks the best in the world? Debates are open!!!
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Vans achieves cold-weather warmth + summertime boardfeel with the 5mm Surf Boot Hi

October 31, 2019 |

Stylish South African surfer Michael February helps Vans put the cold-water surf boots to the test.
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