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Salad Days Magazine | March 21, 2023

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Copenhagen Open Results

Copenhagen Open Results
Salad Days

A bowl session, AM comp, flaming hearts, the White Banks, Dream Spot, Meat Packing District, CPH Skatepark a multitude of parties and it still gets better and better.

The CPH Open held the last day of heavy hitting skating with 2 incredible sessions. The kind people of Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest amusement park, opened its doors for the last qualifying session to a bemused but stoked saturday lunchtime crowd. A sketchy run up and the tightest of landings didn’t stop a furious assault on the double set and kinked rail. To the sounds of a marching band and a roller coaster Yoshi Tanenbaum Tre, laser and 360 ollie flipped himself into semis held on Refshaleøen island. A 30 minute boat ride accompanied by a brass band hyped up skaters and the scene on the way to a sick island DIY spot where the top 5 from each comp over the last few days competed in the Semis to try and make Finals. Laid out in a triangle, the set up encouraged lines from the start and skaters who could hit everything were looking good for a shout of the money. Once the field was narrowed down each skater had 3 runs each of 2 laps of the park (going either way), with best run counting. The level of consistency for outstanding tricks is ridiculous and the talent of all the finalists was put up on a top shelf to display to a gawping, amped crowd.
Pics taken by Maksim Kalanep | Photographer

Final’s Results

1st Carlos Ribeiro – $10,000
2nd Louie Lopez – $5000
3rd Luan Oliveira – $2500
4th Felipe Gustavo – $2000
5th Tommy Fynn – $1000
6th Matt Berger – $500

Today’s schedule is easy like a Sunday.
14.00 – Happy Ending at the Concrete Wave Chill, eat, drink cocktails, fly into the canal Kalvebod Bølge – Kalvebod Brygge, Copenhagen

CPH Open would like to thank all the participating skaters, sponsors, skate community, behind the scenes staff and the City of Copenhagen for making this what it is – see you next year.

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