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Salad Days Magazine | January 22, 2022

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Darkfest 2021 – Official Highlights out now!

Darkfest 2021 – Official Highlights out now!
Salad Days

Stellenbosch, SA – June 2021- The official Darkfest highlights are out and they are full of fire.

Big tricks, bigger slams, the biggest jumps and the most progressive crew pushing each other to go bigger than ever before. Is Big Air in safe hands with this motley crew? You can say that again… every Darkfest session was jam-packed with highlights, so our editing team has been working long and hard to cut down hours of madness into just a few minutes. So get stuck into all the best from the week and see you on the other side… Big Air really does care.

“Yep that is… still scary!”- Sam Reynolds

“As it’s the biggest jumps in the world… every now and then everyone makes a mistake and you crash! It’s not good seeing your good friends laying on the ground in pain. He would only wish that we go back out here and ride. And that’s what we do…” — Clemens Kaudela


5 Ten Best StyleSzymon Godziek
NS Bikes Stay True AwardIke Klaassen
Helfare Highest AirClemens Kaudela
Kenda Best TrickBienvenido Aguado
Monster King of DarknessSam Hodgson

Darkfest is designed and run by the riders for the riders, highlighting the world’s best Freeriders digging and hitting the biggest jumps possible on a bike. The prizes are rider-voted and are given to the winners following a week of jam-format riding.


Filmers: Thomas Sandell, Haydon Brown, Kevin Schneider, Timmi Ferreira
Photographers: Eric Palmer, Syo Van Vliet, Ryan Franklin

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