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Salad Days Magazine | May 18, 2022

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Darkstar x Murk Lurks

Darkstar x Murk Lurks
Salad Days

Murk Lurks guest Artist Series.

Darkstar Skateboards launches into Summer with a unique limited edition collaboration with Los Angeles based artist Murk Lurks. The collaboration includes pro boards for Ryan Decenzo, Dave Bachinsky and Manolo Robles. Murk Lurks takes the traditional “tough” Darkstar warriors and throws them into summer vacation, where we find them jet skiing, pool partying, or firing up a chainsaw – showing that no matter who you are, leisure time is always a necessity. The Darkstar x Murk Lurks boards feature wood veneer stains on both top and bottom with a half dipped painted tails. The Darkstar x Murk Lurks collaboration is available worldwide at core skate shops and select online retailers.

About Murk Lurks
Mirko Antich, or better known in cyberspace as Murk Lurks, is a visual artist known for his tongue-in-cheek illustrations and use of topical word play. Influenced by early punk flyers, 90’s skate graphics, and L.A. beach culture, Mirko’s work is tough at first glance, but playful at heart. He currently lives and works in Venice, California.



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Video by Ryan Hackbarth // insta @rhack

Dwindle Distribution
225 S Aviation Blvd
El Segundo, CA 90245


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