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Salad Days Magazine | September 30, 2022

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Dickies x Salad Days Magazine x Sayko ● Torrance coach jacket

Dickies x Salad Days Magazine x Sayko ● Torrance coach jacket
Salad Days

Salad Days Magazine is fighting its own war. A war where ignorance, brainwashed masses and conformity are the enemies.

The independent alternative magazine can count on a few allies such as open minded mentality, authentic street flavor and deep knowledge.


If this isn’t passion, I truly don’t know, then. I haven’t seen other magazines here in Italy drop every time multiple covers for the fun of it. Salad Days Magazine mission is truly noble: to enlighten and entertain the soul of all those street soldiers fighting the same war. This means tattoo aficionados, graff fans, skaters, hardcore punks, hip hop experts. A communication project that goes totally against the “divide et impera” theory, this magazine gathers together all kind of street people and… it’s free. You read it right: you just need to pass by one of those shops that help Salad Days Magazine spread the word, you grab it, you smile and you are free to go.


In order to support this movement you can act as follows: write an email to explaining that The Maxiemillion told you to, in order to cop this item here worn by Nicole R. In case you didn’t notice it’s a Dickies “Torrance jacket” just like the one that we saw here at the end of 2015. The difference is that here you have “Don’t Forget The Struggle/Don’t Forget The Streets” designed by Sayko. A key member of 2MD crew, whose interview is planned for the next Salad Days issue (#31 – The Spring One -), he did a sick lettering job on the back of this limited edition release. Write that email now, before it’s too late…


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