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Salad Days Magazine | October 7, 2022

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Duet – Jean Jullien & Jean Andre @HVW8 Art + Gallery

Duet – Jean Jullien & Jean Andre @HVW8 Art + Gallery
Salad Days

Almost Skateboards and Cliché Skateboards are proud to present Duet…

…a collaborative celebration of art and skateboarding featuring the work of internationally renowned French artists Jean Jullien and Jean Andre. The exhibit will be held in Los Angeles’ at HVW8 Art + Gallery with an opening reception on July 7th. In DUET, artists Jean Jullien and Jean Andre integrate creativity and skateboarding in a show that highlights art on a functional application. These two French artists have recently worked with Almost Skateboards and Cliché Skateboards to create unique board series. DUET was inspired by the art done from those graphics and skateboarding itself. To commemorate the brands’ collaborations with these artists, there will be a special showing of limited edition decks to complement the previous board graphics that feature both artists’ unique styles. These original graphics will be screen printed, and limited to only 50 prints of each board. Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist whose tongue-in-cheek works often have the ability to capture the imagination while making a poignant observation about the subject matter in question. His comical style often captures reflections on everyday life or current events and pokes fun at the mundane, but at the same time is provocative enough to illicit a profound reaction in the viewer. Jean Andre is a French artist that often uses the female form and erotic imagery as the focus of his work. His “gentleman art” can often be cited as both pulp and satire that draws on influences from Matisse and Gainsbourg to Drake and 80’s eroticism. HVW8 Art + Gallery was founded in 2006 with the goal of supporting fine art and avant-garde graphic design, and has since become one of Los Angeles’ premiere underground art galleries.

Jean André: @je_andre
Jean Jullien: @jean_jullien
Cliché Skateboards: @clicheskate
Almost Skateboards: @almostskateboards
HVW8 Gallery: @hvw8gallery

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