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Salad Days Magazine | March 27, 2023

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Dusters x GN4LW Collab

Dusters x GN4LW Collab
Salad Days

Dusters California have released a collab skateboard with sports stylist Cindy Whitehead, featuring skaters Beverly Flood and Cassie Oseguera. The video is below.

The collaboration cruiser complete from Dusters California and pro skateboarder and sports stylist Cindy Whitehead is back in a new color way and with a video that sends a strong message: being a girl is no putdown in skateboarding. The video reflects heavily on skateboarding’s roots, but shifts the focus to empowering women to go out and rip on a board that’s not limited to just cruising the street. And Cindy made sure the featured skaters Beverly Flood and Cassie Oseguera gave a nod to her 70’s roots by styling them in retro tube socks, classic Vans, and cutoff jeans with the newly released black Dusters x GN4LW board featured front and center. Cindy is no stranger to breaking new ground in female action sports and she’s been encouraging girls to do the same ever since. Now is no exception. She was one of the first women to break into skateboarding as a vert and pool pro in the 70’s and has become an icon in the industry that’s even cruised into history by sneaking on to and skating down, the Los Angeles 405 freeway during its temporary closure in September 2012. And now after working with Dusters California creative director Nano Nobrega to create a board that’s unique to girls’ style and riding, their newest cruiser continues to support women in action sports.

Dusters California, whose cruisers and longboards represent a combination of old-school tradition and modern technology, was started in 2012 as a division of Dwindle Distribution. This new cruiser featuring Cindy’s original artwork will continue to support Longboarding for Peace. Dusters California and Cindy herself will also be going dollar for dollar donating a portion of the proceeds to Poseiden Foundation, an organization dedicated to using skateboarding to help kids all over the world to break down social, economic, and personal barriers.

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