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Salad Days Magazine | February 7, 2023

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Electric Europe is proud to announce its skate team!

Electric Europe is proud to announce its skate team!
Salad Days

Hossegor – France – July 2013 Electric makes some noise in the eruopean skateboard world.

” E U R O T E A M ”

20 years old, Jake is an expert in transitions and poolriding. Based in Newport in Wales, he’s one of the Carve Wicked crew (CRV WKD) founder members who includes a lot of good skateboarders around the world.

Born of a French-Speaking Father and a Flemish Mother, Axel lives now in Poperinge in Belgium. Skateboarder crossover, he rides transitions as well as street with a disconcerting ease.

From the Landes in France, Julien is today the pioneer of the team. Player of Poker during his spare time, he feels at ease as well on a skateboard as during a Poker Game.

Moroccan of origin, Nassim grows up in Holland. Born of a large and welded family, he had the sense of the responsibilities very early. Ambitious, he lives today between Europe and the United States where he expresses all his talent.

“Y O U N G B L O O D “

15 years old, Aurélien is a local of the Gerland’skatepark in Lyon France. As well comfortable in mini ramp as in street, the international competitions don’t frighten him anymore! Aurélien is one of the best skateboarders of his generation.

At only 4, Vince discovered the curves of Marseille‘s Bowl on his board. This major place, where the best Expert in transition, he doesn’t hesitate to fight against all the best riders of the discipline around the world. Skateboarders of the world were in confrontation, is still his playground.

” F L O W T E A M ” ( G E R M A N Y )

Native from Belarus, Vladik lives today in Cologne in Germany. At 24, he divides his time between trips, studying and skateboarding.

Born in Kiel 24 years ago, Louis has a pretty busy life. Champion of Germany in 2012, he’s now studying in Berlin and works as well for the Anker Sk8 Ramp company, as a skateparks builder

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