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Salad Days Magazine | October 7, 2022

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èS Footwear is back!

èS Footwear is back!
Salad Days

According to a story on, legendary skate shoe brand éS Footwear has announced their triumphant return in 2014!

On February 2, 2014 a dream came true; éS announced via their Twitter and Instagram pages that they are in fact, back! Any skater from the early 2000’s knows just how important éS Footwear and their legendary 2000 video ‘Menikmati’ was to completely changing the world of skateboarding as we knew it. With legendary parts from a team consisting of the best skaters from all over the planet, Arto Saari, Rick McCrank, Bob Burnquist, Ronnie Creager, Rodrigo T.x., Tom Penny, and Eric Koston, the video inspired millions of skaters with break-through footage and a jaw-dropping new approach to skateboarding. When the production of éS shoes came to a screeching halt back in 2001, it seemed like the skateboarding world had lost a friend. The company that owns éS, Soletech axed the brand to focus on newer more up and coming projects with, Emerica and Etnies leaving skaters everywhere stunned. While the brand did however, make an attempt at a comeback overseas last year, they’ve finally come back home to the US. The comeback of such a legendary brand is very exciting for the industry and will hopefully show the new generation of skaters how important skater-owned brands truly are in today’s day and age. Three new éS Footwear shoes will be available in the US on February 14 at select skate shops. WELCOME BACK éS Footwear!

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