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Salad Days Magazine | July 13, 2020

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First Listen: Stream Terravita’s ‘The Power Of Fire’ EP in full // Out now on Datsik’s Firepower Records imprint

Following in quick succession from Barron’s ‘Warborn EP’, Datsik’s Firepower Records is upping the pressure once again as they invite New England trio Terravita to step up to the plate with their gargantuan ‘The Power Of Fire’ EP. In celebration of its release this week, they have uploaded the EP to stream in its entirety. You can also stream the whole of Barron‘s recent ‘Warborn’ EP here:

Terravita – The Power Of Fire EP
(Firepower Records)

1. Well Oiled Machine
2. No Room
3. Motive Unnecessary ft. Shannon Swain
4. This Time It’s Personal
6. No Room (Instrumental)
7. This Time It’s Personal (Instrumental)

Out Now:

metROIDS Free Download:

Having graduated from acclaimed early drum & bass productions for labels like Bad Taste and Technique, the ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ and ‘Terravita’ EPs on Excision’s Rottun Recordings imprint last year saw Terravita experimenting with slower tempos and their unique approach quickly piqued a whole new set of ears as they scaled the top 10 in Beatport’s dubstep charts. Continuing to defy any restrictions you care to put on them, ‘The Power Of Fire’ EP is the group’s most decisive statement yet. ‘Well Oiled Machine’ provides an epic opener to the EP, building momentum as they layer distorted guitars and flailing synth lines before cascading into a flurry of tumbling rhythms and growling bass contortions. ‘No Room’ channels this energy into a glitchier, funk-fuelled bounce aided by the call to party of the vocals before ‘Motive Unnecessary’ dives head first into a heaving wall of sound counterpointed by Shannon Swain’s rich melodies. ‘This Time It’s Personal’ injects a touch of hip hop to proceedings before morphing into a vortex of their trademark swirling synths and hefty bass while ‘MetROIDS’ sees them lowering the tempo as they wind their way through to the end of the EP. The package also comes with the instrumental versions of ‘No Room’ and ‘This Time It’s Personal’ for those who like their beats and bass undiluted.

Terravita – The Power Of Fire EP:

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