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Salad Days Magazine | December 4, 2020

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First Solo Show of Fat Heat @Ewkuks, Los Angeles

First Solo Show of Fat Heat @Ewkuks, Los Angeles
Salad Days

‘How to Vandalize Vandalism. An augmented and animated solo show by Fat Heat’.

Inspired by the never-ending war on Graffiti, Fat Heat transfers the battle into the safe space of the gallery. His artworks display fictional Graffitis in familiar settings, however even this domestic environment isn’t able to serve as a guarantee for serenity: it is their unescapable fate to come alive and then become destroyed. All this in front of your eyes. Beware, the attacks will be animated and all damages will stay virtual.

Join Fat Heat and Ewkuks Gallery for the Opening Reception of ‘How to Vandalize Vandalism: An augmented Reality Solo Exhibition by Fat Heat’. New works, limited edition apparel, prints, Free refreshments and more!

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11th at 8 PM
@Ewkuks, 527 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Sponsored by Loop Pro Writing Tools and John Drew Brands

More about the exhibition:
More about Fat Heat


Allcaps Ltd. – Cukor street 1. 1056 Budapest, Hungary

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