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Salad Days Magazine | March 23, 2023

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‘Forgiven’ il nuovo video dei Seed’n’feed

‘Forgiven’ il nuovo video dei Seed’n'feed
Salad Days

Dopo 10 anni di pausa tornano i Seed’n'feed con il nuovo video di ‘Forgiven’.

Tratto dall’album ‘Punk Rock Zombies’ che uscirà il prossimo 24 Settembre 2021 per Inconsapevole Records, NoReason Records, DUFF Records, Spaccio Dischi. Video diretto da Marco Zaninello e Diego Caldari, montaggio di Francesco Celentano, musica e parole di Lorenzo Dinelli e Seed’n'feed.

I haven’t forgiven you yet, I haven’t forgiven you yet For going away like this, For going away like that
And this pain I got in my chest, This pain I got in my chest, Two years yet it feels so bad, Couldn’t tell you how much I care
Memories are bittersweet, You meant so much to me And words are never good enough to describe the loss we feel
And even if it’s clear sometimes I keep asking myself why? If I will ever heal my heart Since you’re gone and you’re gone.

Inconsapevole Records Viale Ippolito Nievo, Livorno, LI, Italia

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