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Salad Days Magazine | September 30, 2022

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Joey Cape – ‘It Could Be Real’ (Official Video)

Joey Cape – ‘It Could Be Real’ (Official Video)
Salad Days

‘A Good Year To Forget’ is Joey Cape’s latest opus and it drops on FAT on August 13th.

‘A Good Year To Forget’, a record that was written during a year that saw him lose his father, separate from his wife of 20 years, contract COVID, and move back in with his parents as a result of a livelihood lost. Pretty heavy themes here but all extremely relatable.


A Good Year To Forget
Nickel And Lead
The Poetry In Our Mistakes
It Could Be Real
Check Your Ego At The Door
We Might Be Wrong
Saturday Night Fever
Under The Doormat
Infertile Ground
Heavy Lies The Head
Come Home


It’s a long way back from a twenty-year nap and I’m out of practice now

Another mistletoe in a transient tomb for those who’ve been beaten down

But it could be real, it could be real for some

I can be real, I can be real enough

If there’s a long way round it’s where I will be found and I’ll get a lazy start

Another perfect day to ignore any pain and duct tape this calloused heart

But I can be cool. I can get a haircut

I can adhere. I can keep my mouth shut

And all through your past broken glass. Shards that left blood on the tracks

The ideal space to be out of the game reinventing

In the year of the empty seat at the table. The valued and the grateful to have shared

How they miss them. How they miss them

Another humbling day to revise your routine and echo eternity

Yeah, it’s reflection time to affirm and define how stable we used to be

And I could get there but I might be a no-show

Cause I’m just a square and that’s just a place to go

I could be fit, I can fit in enough

It could be real, It could be real for some

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