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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2022

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LA political punks Total Massacre drop new track ‘Pro-Life Death Cult’

LA political punks Total Massacre drop new track ‘Pro-Life Death Cult’
Salad Days

‘Latest Of Several’ singles due out in first half of 2021.

Southern California punks Total Massacre, a self-described band of “anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalists,” have delivered another rager titled, ‘Pro-Life Death Cult’. The band says, ‘Pro-Life Death Cult’ is out now! Everywhere! And Tommy Massacre (drums) made a sick lyric video for y’all so you can maybe actually understand what the hell the Cap’n is screaming about (hint: it’s always capitalism). We also gotta thank Justin Moll for the amazing art that brings these songs to life. Check it out, and then tune in to see if we can top this shit next month! (Hint: we absolutely fucking will).” The follow up to January’s ‘Get Rich Or Try Dying’ the timely ‘Pro-Life Death Cult’ catalogs the litany of disgusting lies and absurd conspiracy theories that led to 500,000 needless deaths in the richest country in the world. “Die! So the Dow can stay above 20K!” vocalist Cap’n No Fun screams, as if things could be any different in this capitalist death spiral we now inhabit. It is that same combination of despair and the urgent need to fight back against it that ensures Total Massacre will be back with more music in the coming months to shine a light on the despicable things people in power do and to stop them from rewriting history, documenting their corruption and transgressions one song at a time.

Total Massacre have a directness and simplicity that is kind of a lost art these days; it was a hallmark of the punk scene back in the 1980’s and is what gave the music of that era the immediacy that inspired young people to engage in acts of resistance to fascism. We need more of that.” – Chris Hannah, Propagandhi

Total Massacre is:

Cap’n No Fun – vocals

Mike Massacre – guitar

Jeff Massacre – drums

Tommy Massacre – drums


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