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Salad Days Magazine | January 31, 2023

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Lookout Zoomout 2 announced: 2nd in a series of online Lookout Records reunion shows

Lookout Zoomout 2 announced: 2nd in a series of online Lookout Records reunion shows
Salad Days

Show #2 features members of Screeching Weasel, the Riverdales, the Mopes, The Mr. T Experience, Go Sailor, the Groovie Ghoulies, the Smugglers.

In the spirit of unity, togetherness, community, friendship, good times, and yes, nostalgia, Oceanside Productions announces the second in a monthly online live performance series for 2021 called Lookout Zoomout. The first show, which was held on Sunday January 31, was a huge, feel-good success, attracting fans from 12 different countries around the world who enjoyed the live show through smiles, cheers and tears, interacting with the performers, which included the Queers, Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience, Lisa Marr from cub, Jon Ginoli from Pansy Division, and Raf Classic from the Crumbs, and Donna F from the Donnas.

The second Lookout Zoomout will occur live on Sunday February 28 at noon PT / 3pm ET and promises to be another interactive experience with fans from around the world. Tickets are available now.


- Dan Vapid from Screeching Weasel / the Riverdales / the Mopes… a rare solo performance from one of the most unheralded and powerful singer-songwriters from the Lookout stable of artists. This Chicago musician has been involved with some of the best American punk rock bands of the past thirty years.

- Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience… arguably the architect of modern pop punk in sound and lyrics, Dr. Frank and his Berkeley-based band were on Lookout longer than any other artist.

- Rose Melberg from Go Sailor… with a voice most often described as angelic, Rose Melberg was at the forefront of the twee-punk underground in North America, fronting bands like Tiger Trap, the Softies, and her Lookout Records band, the much loved Go Sailor.

- Kepi from the Groovie Ghoulies… few artists eat, breathe, think, and live rock ‘n’ roll more than Kepi, who has been rocking out consistently with a smile on his face in a band or solo for more than 30 years.

- Larry Livermore from the Potatomen… the Lookout Records founder fronted the Smiths-like acoustic pop band the Potatomen for years, and recently published his fascinating memoir, ‘How To Ru(i)n A Record Label’.

- Grant Lawrence from the Smugglers… the lead singer of the Vancouver garage rock ‘n’ roll band that was on Lookout from 1995-2005.

Sunday February 28, 2021
Noon PT / 2PM CT / 3PM ET / 8PM GMT

Live music! Interactive! Audience Q+A! Limited tickets! Surprise guests!

The Lookout Zoomout reunions bring together the singers and songwriters from Lookout Records, the iconic pop-punk record label founded in 1987 by Larry Livermore and David Hayes. Until its demise in 2012, the label had one of the most recognizable logos in the world, and was most notable for bands like Green Day, Operation Ivy, the Donnas, the Mr. T Experience, and Screeching Weasel.

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