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Salad Days Magazine | September 29, 2023

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Lyrics x iNTeLL (of 2nd Generation WU) release ‘Work It Out’

Lyrics x iNTeLL (of 2nd Generation WU) release ‘Work It Out’
Salad Days

Starting 2020 with a burst of energy, recording artist and audio engineer Lyrics (aka Lyrics RealliDoe) and 2nd Generation WU member iNTeLL have just released the dark pulsating single ‘Work It Out’.

‘Work It Out’ drives a pulverizing beat through chopped R&B samples, holding up iNTeLL’s cannonball flow before ending on the smooth and melodic outro, courtesy of Lyrics. Aside from his own career as a recording artist, Lyrics is known for his work with Dock Street Records studio, engineering countless sessions for 2nd Generation WU (a group formed by the sons of the Wu Tang Clan) and Wu Tang Clan member Capadonna. He has recorded alongside 2nd Generation Wu members iNTeLL, PxWeR and features artists Young Dirty Bastard and SunGod in his work. Lyrics is a voice for a generation between times; from the sultry grit influenced by Sade and Damien Marley, to his eccentric styles that emulate the new millennia. Lyrics finds himself in an unboxed, uncategorized space that produces a unique sound, heavily influenced by late 90’s R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

iNTeLL explains his process, “I hit the studio that night feeling a different kind of creativity flowing through me. Inspired by real life events, I used that motivation to tell a story in what I believed the most interesting & intense way.”

“To me work it out was exactly what the title is made out to be,” adds Lyrics. “We came together we took two different styles and we made it work that’s what you got. In simpler terms, listen to the music.”

Born James Musa to native Sierra Leonean parents in Harlem, New York, Lyrics spent a majority of his childhood in a variety of cities in the tri-state area, settling in New Brighton, Staten Island NY. His interest in music started at age 15, when a friend convinced him to write a song after hearing him sing. Lyrics began recording in his room with a $5.00 microphone on his desktop computer. Throughout middle school and high school, he involved himself in various music programs, radio broadcasting and audio journalism, leading him into songwriting. He soon developed relationships with artists including 2nd Generation Wu artists iNTeLL & PxWeR and Dock Street Records in house producer Zeph McFly. He is 1/3 of the musical group The Third with artists Kennedy Price & Micah.

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