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Salad Days Magazine | March 24, 2023

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Magna x Sabotage

Magna x Sabotage
Salad Days

We wanted to get in touch with a new free download from a mysterious Bass Music act called Magna…

The only info available is that he lives in Philly and only released free downloads – no DOB, pictures of live shows, the focus is on the quality of the production for now to build the hype and mystery around his name. His last EP ‘Geisha’ immediately got the nod from heavyweight producers such as Skrillex, Madeon, A-Trak, Skream and Benga. He’s now giving a little taster of just what he’s capable of with his own take on the Beastie Boy’s seminal track ‘Sabotage.’

About Magna:
It’s immediately clear that Magna knows what he’s doing. Whilst not losing the aggressive call-to-arms of the original he’s brought it kicking and screaming into 2014, adding a cacophony of bass heavy beats and synth-laden bars over the unmistakable guitar riff and vocals that have made ‘Sabotage’ the huge track it is today. Complete with head-jarring drops, Magna’s re-fix is set to destroy dance floors everywhere. Despite being shrouded in secrecy, based on his releases and volume of soundcloud plays alone ‘Magna’ is clearly whetting the appetite of clubbers everywhere eager to hear more from the producer, and if his take on ‘Sabotage’ is anything to go by they’re not going to be disappointed.

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