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Salad Days Magazine | October 23, 2020

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Manchild’s First Job

Manchild’s First Job
Salad Days

The Sheffield is based off of our heritage Manchester model.

Its vulcanized construction, bold branding, and clean lines give it a heritage feel, while its newly added reflective perforation pattern and breathable mesh window provide an updated look. The Sheffields ability to lend itself to a wide range of colors and materials make it an instant classic. The Sheffield is available in Grey/Silver, Red/Silver, and Black Suede for Fall ’18.



Most kids’ first job may be something along the lines of “paperboy” or “pizza delivery”, but Tyler may hold the title for craziest first job ever. What started as a part time dog walking gig, quickly turned into a full blown bounty hunter gig. The same guy who asked him “do you want to help walk my dogs?” escalated into “Want to make $100 more than you are now? I need help arresting few guys.” After a few sketchy encounters and chasing grown men through strangers’ backyards at only 15 years old, Tyler decided to put his bounty hunting days behind him and stick to skating.



Lakai Limited Footwear | 420 Boyd St | Suite #300 | Los Angeles, CA 90013 | United States

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