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Salad Days Magazine | March 27, 2023

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Monster Energy premieres International Surf Documentary ‘Big Wave Sessions’ on ABC

Monster Energy premieres International Surf Documentary ‘Big Wave Sessions’ on ABC
Salad Days

Spectacular Big Wave surfing documentary filmed across the globe.

Monster athletes lead the charge of an All-Star Cast tacking the biggest waves on the planet during an historic Big Wave Season – with Makua Rothman riding one of biggest waves of all time! Prepare to experience the progression of Big Wave surfing in stunning images and candid interviews with the sport’s trailblazers. Monster Energy is proud to announce the worldwide premiere of international surf documentary Big Wave Sessions on ABC as part of World of X Games programming.

Monster Energy’s ‘Big Wave Sessions’ presents six of the world’s best Big Wave surfers travelling the globe in search of the biggest swell ever ridden. The top-notch roster of riders includes Monster Energy athletes Shane Dorian, known as one of the greatest Big Wave surfers in history, Big Wave World Champion Makua Rothman, South African trailblazer Matt Bromley, and Portuguese surf prodigy Nic Von Rupp. They are joined by two female pioneers of the sport, Keala Kennelly and Justine Dupont and also big wave stars Kai Lenny, Nathan Florence and Billy Kemper.



It’s worth pointing out that this Big Wave season was almost cancelled because of the global coronavirus pandemic. The filmmakers also had to adjust their initial plans for bringing together the best Big Wave surfers on Maui. The original idea concept in this second year of Monster Energy supporting Big Wave surfing was to hold an expression session with invited surfers at Jaws on Hawaii. But when the pandemic hit and lockdown measures ensued, the team had to pivot. Instead of staying in one surf spot, the crew followed a half dozen surfers around the world chasing the biggest waves on the planet. This resulted in epic performances as Monster Energy’s ‘Big Wave Sessions’ tracks some of world’s boundary-pushing Big Wave surfers on the planet’s burliest waves at legendary spots. But epic spots are only part of the story. In Monster Energy’s ‘Big Wave Sessions’, Monster explore the behind-the-scenes stories of each individual surfer’s quest during one of the greatest Big Wave seasons in history. While Monster’s earlier feature, ‘The Big Wave Tow-In Invitational’ (2019), focused on capturing spectacular surf action, the new documentary includes insightful, soul-bearing interviews with all six athletes.



Showcasing action footage from around the globe, this documentary follows massive winter swells and the international cadre of Big Wave surfers who chase them. The action is captured in stunning high-definition video from drones, helicopters as well as from land and out of the water at the most challenging big wave surf spots on the planet: from the rugged cliffs of the small Portuguese fishing village of Nazarè, to the crushing Hawaiian tubes at Jaws on Maui, to the cold water, five-story giants at Mavericks in Northern California. Since it’s inception, Monster has supported Big Wave surfing, with Rothman as one of the company’s originally-sponsored athletes and Dorian using his support from Monster to chase swells and make history for over a decade.

Monster Energy’s Big Wave Sessions

47 minutes, 4K high-definition, USA, 2021

Produced by TAUBLIEB Films in association with Monster Energy & ESPN

Directed by multi-Emmy-award winner Paul Taublieb

Written by Paul Taublieb and Wesley Forsyth

Edited by Wesley Forsyth

Produced by Susan Cooper, Stacy Transou and Paul Taublieb

Executive Producers Mark Hall, Mitch Covington, Sam Pontrelli and Dan McHugh

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