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Salad Days Magazine | September 29, 2023

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No Panic! Records – January 2015

No Panic! Records – January 2015
Salad Days

Fairtrademerch did a great job – the brand new Ducking Punches screenprints are stunningly beautiful. 50 copies of it to sell in store.

Every single copy is handnumbered and comes together with a download code, a CD and an A3 poster print. There are only a handful copies left to order – so pls act fast to save your copy.!product/prd14/3429635795/ducking-punches—dance-before-you-sleep-screen


Giver – choking on pride 12″
The 101′s – for the years 12″/CD
Back At Sea – black lungs… DIGITAL
Bedtime For Charlie – morningwood CD
Harsh Realms / Dear America – split 7″
Ducking Punches – dance before you spleep 12″/CD
Four Seasons One Day – tutti morti 7″
Smash The Statues – rise to occasion 10″
Overseas – hardships DIGITAL
A Time To Stand / River Jumpers / The Walking Targets – split 7″
Cassually Dressed – the fine Line CD
Dowzer – bummercamp CD
Resolutions / Teen Agers – split 7″
Harker – gasping for air 7″
White Stain – attached DIGITAL


DEAR DUST – lights to avoid – January 2015
VARIOUS ARTISTS – winter compilation – January 2015
DARWIN & THE DINOSAUR – a thousand ships 12″/CD – March 2015


Another compilation and the bands on the comp belong to the top of the European Punkrock & Alternative scene. Just to name a few of it… DUCKING PUNCHES, F.O.D., BLOWFUSE, STAY GONE, RIVER JUMPERS, WANK FOR PEACE, HARKER, MIDDAY COMMITEE, NATHAN DETROIT, LOW DERIVE
By the way – the artwork is done by Dan Allen Illustration.


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