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Salad Days Magazine | December 5, 2022

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Norbert Weitenbacher welcome clip

Norbert Weitenbacher welcome clip
Salad Days

Norbert Weitenbacher welcome clip

Norbert – usually referred to as “Noppe” or “Nobbe”, there seems to be no official consensus on the spelling of his nickname – is a team rider one can only wish for. Ripping every time he steps on a board, making it into the finals at almost every contest, always nice with the kids, a responsible breadwinner for his family and constantly representing his sponsors to the fullest. But that’s maybe not what YOU want to know about him. What should definitely interest you, though, is the fact that he is a tough-as-nails-street-killer-machine. Norbert’s got this kind of determination and ability to focus on a single objective with 100 percent that you need for massive maneuvers. He’s also got quite an extensive bag of tricks at his disposal for hitting whatever rail or gap he sets his mind to. When he does, there’s nothing that can prevent him from achieving his goal short of getting hurt in the process – and sometimes not even that can stop him.”
- Stefan Ebner (x-double skate shop team manager)

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