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Salad Days Magazine | February 7, 2023

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Nyjah Huston takes First Place in Street at CPH Open 2016 in Copenhagen

Nyjah Huston takes First Place in Street at CPH Open 2016 in Copenhagen
Salad Days

Teammates Sam Beckett and Rune Glifberg Win 2nd and 3rd Place in Bowl, Curren Caples 2nd Place Flyout.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – August 2016 – Monster Energy congratulates Nyjah Huston on his first-place finish in the Street competition at CPH Open 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday. In a high-energy finals featuring five of the world’s top street skaters, the 21-year-old from San Juan Capistrano, California, took the win and $5,000 in prize money by covering the street course at CPH Skatepark with fluid lines and difficult technical tricks. Also taking the podium, Huston’s Monster Energy teammates Sam Beckett and Rune Glifberg won second and third place, respectively, in Wednesday’s Bowl Jam at Fælledparken outdoor park, while Curren Caples placed second in Thursday’s Flyout and Flatbar event.

Nyjah Huston 360 flip over the water gap at CPH Open Best Trick

The Street competition was the culmination of a five-day skateboarding festival featuring skateboarders from around the world in a celebration of skateboard culture at spots all over the Danish capital. Taking skateboarding out into the public arena, CPH Open 2016 saw skateboarders throw down tricks inside Copenhagen’s City Hall, travel between spots via board, bike, and boat, and take over public places in a series of preliminary competitions that decided the finalists for the big Street event.

Nyjah Huston Backside Over Crooked at his winning run at CPH Open

In Saturday’s Street Super Finals, Huston went head-to-head against Luan Oliveira, Axel Cruysberghs, Oskar Rozenberg, and Louie Lopez. Edging ahead of the competition, Huston stacked his three runs with signature tech moves and consistent lines, including: crooked grind transfer and backside overcrooked on the bank rails, nollie frontside heelflip up the Euro Gap, 5-0 grind the entire rail over the kink, frontside feeble grind and kickflip frontside boardslide the bump-to-rail, fakie kickflip, backside kickflip to fakie, frontside half cab kickflip, and caballerial kickflip over the hip, as well as switch frontside lipslide, caballerial to frontside boardslide and bigspin frontside boardslide to fakie down the rail for the win. Following the finals, Huston also took second place and $750 in the nighttime Best Trick event by landing a 360 kickflip over a massive gap between two kickers.

Rune Glifberg, Over Vert Backside Tailslide at CPH Open

Starting things off on Wednesday, bowl riders attacked the winding concrete snake run at Fælledparken outdoor skate park. Taking third Place in the Bowl Jam, Copenhagen mainstay Glifberg flowed huge frontside airs, backside tailslides, and backside smith grinds on the park’s massive over-vert wall. Covering the bowl with fast lines and technical moves, Beckett combined backside lipslide and kickflip backside air in the pool corner, handplant to fakie, plus frontside air, frontside 5-0 and backside 5-0 to fakie on the over-vert for a strong second-place finish.

Curren Caples, alley-oop nosegrab at the CPH Open

At Thursday’s Flyout and Flatbar Session on a busy street in downtown Copenhagen, Monster Energy’s Caples flew into second place with huge frontside 360 ollies over the kicker, while his teammate Kyle Walker brought his tech skills to the flatbar for fourth place and Phil Zwijsen blasted huge melon airs. On Friday, the action moved to a massive Triple Set at Havnegade, where Monster Energy’s Gabriel Fortunato landed a huge frontside pop shove-it and teammate Egor Kaldikov a backside kickflip.

Ishod Wair, FS 180 Kickflip at the session at City Hall at CPH Open

Now that CPH Open 2016 is a wrap, the pros have their eyes on their last chance to secure a spot in the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship: the second stop of the SLS Nike SB World Tour at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on August 28 holds one last Golden Ticket and the Championship points for making the cut. Stay tuned and make sure to watch the live webcast on

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