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Salad Days Magazine | February 3, 2023

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Salad Days

You may have seen Mariposa on Obey social channels. Mariposa is not only unique in her personality and style. She’s also a very talented musician and creative.

Because she’s releasing her new song, Obey thinks this is the right time you get to know her a little bit better. Mariposa who has Colombian and Italian roots is redefining what Latin rap looks like today. She taught herself how to make music and record from scratch and uses this talent for self-expression and healing. Mariposa represents a new generation that exists between cultures, languages, genres and whose multi-dimensional identities are at the forefront.


O: How would you describe yourself and your music?

M: Present and energetic. I love to be creative. If I’m not making songs, I’m creating an illustration, thinking aboutthe next video or designing a cover. I don’t like to sit still. It may have to do with my ADHD, but the urge to make something work is a part of me since I was little.

O: What role does music play in your life?

M: I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in, like some kind of black sheep. That’s something I try to bring out in my music. I use music to deal with emotions. I talk about mental health in almost all of my songs and how crazy my own mental health makes me sometimes. It’s a great feeling to know that people connect with what you’re singing about and can relate with what you are going through.

O: You taught yourself to write music. You also come up with your clips and photo shoots all by yourself. Who or what do you take inspiration from?

M: Cole Bennet, is someone I look up to in terms of videos. I find him very creative and refreshing in terms of style. As far as photographers, Mescondi, Jack Bridgland Studio and Cho Gi-Seok are the people I admire. And as far as acting goes Viola Davis and Elisabeth Moss. Hands down the two best actresses I know.

O: What do you dream about?

M: I want a huge property for me and my partner Nayim, so we can engage in everything creative. Music, art, film, photography. I also want to make my own 3D dolls and furniture. I think it would be dope to have some kind of “family business” but with friends instead.


Photography by Laika Agency

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