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Salad Days Magazine | September 27, 2022

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Obey Womens x Tamara Santibañez – Available Now

Obey Womens x Tamara Santibañez – Available Now
Salad Days

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Meet one of Brooklyn’s finest, Tamara Santibañez, multimedia artist and well-respected resident amongst many at Saved Tattoo. Tamara embodies more than meets the eye from the canvas of her work on clients and her own body. Known for her representations of subculture and the taboo, often painting and tattooing objects such as handcuffs, whips, chains and leather- she moves to educate her audience in the scope of BDSM culture, that these objects and materials signify more than subversive notoriety or sexual innuendo. They personify a deeper meaning. Tamara‘s diverse forms of art and authorship in totality have created social mindfulness and aim to defeat ignorance in the eyes of fear and judgement. OBEY Womens chose Tamara for her advocacy in women’s rights, feminist values, creative originality and bringing awareness specifically in Chicano culture and arts. A movement far beyond tattoos, bondage and surface interpretations, Obey is proud to present the OBEY x Tamara Santibañez collaboration featuring the “Don’t Forget Me” vegan leather jacket and “No Me Olvides” unisex tee.


Featured in the Don’t Forget Me video series:

Josephine Lee (Princess Gollum), Rosie Lucha (Xicanx Political Feminist Community Organizer), Olivia Jaffe (Photographer), Symnia Rosine (Herbalist/Bruja), Sydney Costley (Hair & Makeup Artist), Alexis Gross (Photographer), Jayme Darling (OG Rocka Rolla), Dani Dollinger (Dani Doll F/T Model), and Ayumi Hanaoka (OBEY Womens Marketing Director)

Featured music provided by: Prayers, Antwon, Dirty Fences, H09909, The Abigails, Youth Code, Jesus Sons, LA Witch.


OBEY Clothing Von Karman Ave. Irvine, California

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