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Salad Days Magazine | January 31, 2023

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Primitive X Megadeth

Primitive X Megadeth
Salad Days

Primitive is excited to present a limited collection with West Coast heavy metal icons Megadeth.

Founded in 1983, Megadeth‘s one-of-a-kind sound and otherworldly artwork helped shape the look and feel of the metal movement. This new assortment highlights some of the band’s most celebrated records including, ‘Rust n Peace’, ‘Countdown To Extinction’ and ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’. Megadeth‘s skeletal mascot, Vic Rattlehead is featured on a variety of pieces including the 100% Polyester Mesh, “Rattlehead Jersey” and Cotton Twill “Rattlehead M65 Jacket”.

Fearuting Pedro Biagio.
Video by Alan Hannon and Eric Iwakura.

Primitive Skateboarding was established in early 2014 by Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley. Pros are Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Miles Silvas, JB Gillet, Spencer Hamilton, Robert Neal, Marek Zaprazny, Carlos Ribeiro, Brian Peacock, Wade Desarmo, Franky Villani, Giovanni Vianna, and Trent McClung. Ams: Tre Williams, Kyonosuke Yamashita.

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