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Salad Days Magazine | January 27, 2023

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Pro-Tec adds Mark Gonzales to the Team

Pro-Tec adds Mark Gonzales to the Team
Salad Days

Pro-Tec is proud to announce the addition of Legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzales to the team.

Mark has been attributed as the leader and forefather of modern skateboarding and continues to push the limits in style and creativity both on and off his board. He will be adding his personal touch to a signature helmet for release in 2017.

“Wearing a helmet is a smart choice, wearing a Full-Tec is my style choice.” – Mark Gonzales

“Adding Mark to the Pro-Tec team seems like a perfect fit with the already iconic riders. We’re really looking forward to working with him on a signature helmet. Adding Gonz art to our Full Cut is a perfect combination of authenticity and cool.” – R.P. Bess Protec Global Brand Director

Mark adds to the team of iconic athletes and rising stars. He joins fellow legends Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jason Jessee, Bucky Lasek Rune Glifberg and rising stars Jimmy Wilkins, Sam Beckett, Alex Perelson, Lizzie Armanto, Josh Borden, Allysha Le and more.

Mark Gonzales or “The Gonz” is in a world all his own, and he’s been there for the past thirty years. Either you follow and get it, or you don’t. Your choice doesn’t matter much to him, and you never know where you’re going to see The Gonz next. Trying to anticipate, or even keep up with his next move is next to impossible. Mark may be creating artwork in Paris, visiting friends back home in California, or skating down the street from his apartment in NYC. Mark’s influence in skateboarding is unparalleled. There is no comparison. He was inventing tricks in the late 80’s on handrails before most skaters were figuring out how to ollie up curbs. Mark’s innovation continues to be the backbone of skateboarding, and his artwork is showcased and associated with leading brands on a global scale. 18 years on adidas and a lifetime’s contribution to skateboarding. You can’t escape The Gonz, so just sit back, appreciate his genius, and let the influence continue for another 30 years.

ABOUT PRO-TEC: Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original action sports protective gear brand, featuring the market’s most recognizable style of helmets. Today Pro-Tec delivers the very best in modern protective equipment with a broad range of impact technology options for a variety of action sports.

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