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Salad Days Magazine | March 27, 2023

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Salad Days

Members of the iconic straight edge hardcore band, Turning Point, have partnered with Revelation Records to release the band’s entire catalog in its original form.

Each individual catalog piece will be released in waves throughout the next year, with the self-titled demo available as early as November 2020. Turning Point were New Jersey’s answer to the New York and Connecticut hardcore scenes of the late-1980s. Formed in 1988, the band released a demo and 7″ of fast straight edge hardcore with the 7″ being the first release on Hi-Impact Records, which was run by Darren Walters, co-founder of legendary Jade Tree Records. Between recording the 7″ and LP, the band’s sound gained melody and dynamics that broke free from traditional hardcore formulas. Lyrics took on a more introspective and reflective role and sounds combined the best of the worlds of straightforward hardcore and DC’s Revolution Summer, all while offering glimpses of rhythms that many other bands would emulate later on in the ’90s. The LP was released in 1990 on powerhouse New Age Records, whose resume would include Lifetime, Strife, Unbroken, Outspoken and many of the era’s most relevant bands. The band’s sound continued to progress as evidenced on their split with No Escape, appearance on the ‘Rebuilding’ compilation alongside Gorilla Biscuits, Burn, and the aforementioned No Escape, and now legendary recordings of the band playing live on WNYU and at the Anthrax Club in Connecticut, which contain songs that never made it to vinyl before disbanding in 1991.


In 2000, Jade Tree Records released the band’s discography on CD as it had previously only been available in its out of print original formats, adding extensive photos and liner notes. In 2005, hardcore record label Think Fast released the discography as a double-LP set, selling through four pressings before going out of print. The CD on Jade Tree went out of print and with punk giant Epitaph Records purchasing the Jade Tree catalog in 2017, leaving the catalog and legacy of Turning Point in limbo. In 2020, Revelation Records, along with the members of Turning Point, did a deep dive into the ownership of the band’s masters, and with the cooperation of Epitaph, realized that the band was no longer under obligation to Epitaph and decided to partner with Revelation to release the band’s catalog on physical formats, broken up into individual records for the first time since all of their initial releases, and presented as true to their original appearance as possible. The final release will be a collection of the band’s compilation appearances and split with No Escape plus live versions of the previously unreleased songs from later in the band’s span culled from the WNYU and Anthrax recordings.


Revelation Records are extremely excited and proud to be able to present the Turning Point catalog as it was originally. The first release in the series will be a recreation of the band’s demo along with shirts with imagery from that era of the band. The 7″ will be released a few months after the demo, followed by the ‘It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn’ LP, and then the collection LP, each release accompanied by merch from the corresponding time period for the band. Collectors seeking to own the individual releases from the band’s catalog will no longer be subject to the hefty sums the records fetch on secondary markets. In addition, the band’s catalog will be offered on digital platforms separated by release so the listener can enjoy each one in the way the band intended.


Today the legacy of Turning Point lives on, with the band headlining 2016′s This Is Hardcore fest with guest vocals from Geoff Rickley (Thursday, United Nations), Tim McMahon (Mouthpiece), and Rob Fish (108, Resurrection) in tribute to Turning Point‘s vocalist Skip Candelori who sadly passed in 2002. With a partnership with Revelation Records, one of the most proud and influential labels of the last 30 years, the fantastic songs of Turning Point will be dusted off, and once again presented to the world as the band originally intended and made accessible for generations of hardcore fans to come.

Band Members:

Skip Candelori – Vocals

Jay Laughlin – Guitar

Nick Greif – Bass

Ken Flavell – Drums

Release Schedule:

Self-titled demo – November 2020

Self-titled 7” – Early 2021

‘It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn’ 12” – Mid 2021

’1988-1991′ 12” – Late 2021


About Revelation Records

Established in 1987, Revelation Records began by releasing hardcore records from NY based bands like Warzone, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Youth Of Today, along with No For An Answer, Chain Of Strength, and other bands from the scene at the time. The label moved to Huntington Beach, CA in the early 1990s and continues to release hardcore and other great music with roots in hardcore/punk. Learn more at

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