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Salad Days Magazine | December 11, 2023

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Runners 12 – Cosak

Runners 12 – Cosak
Salad Days

In this twelfth episode of the Runners series Spray Daily feature Graffiti writer COSAK who paints a couple of panels in Hamburg and showing some traffic footage, enjoy!

As a Graffiti train writer you are always happy if you don’t have to run away from your unfinished piece. If your able to catch your piece running the day after so you can get your traffic photos during rush hour you’re even more happy. Video series called Runners is focused on Graffiti on trains and for each episode Spray Daily will feature actions and traffic videos from a selected writer or team of writers.

Music: Ivy Lab - Amber & Shokh – Vanditerion
Edited by: Superspray
Camera: Edward Nightingale
GBR Instagram

Salad Days Mag is a publisher committed to documenting the Graffiti culture world wide. We do not condone, promote or encourage vandalism, the destruction of property or any kind of illegal activity whether it be public or private. All photos and/or videos published without a name and credited photographer were sent to us anonymously.

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