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Salad Days Magazine | February 4, 2023

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Sector 9 * Bob Marley collaboration

Sector 9 * Bob Marley collaboration
Salad Days

Bob Marley is one of the all-time greats, a global symbol who stood for freedom, peace and love…

…his inspiration and impact has had a profound impact on the skate industry in both past and present. Sector 9 has for the second time produced a range of limited tribute decks and is proud to collaborate with the Marley family in paying homage to Bob’s influence on the world and skateboarding. “In 2011, we partnered with the Marley family on a very successful line of limited-edition skateboards, and thought the timing was right to work together again, on an updated series” says Dennis Telfer, Sector 9 Creative Director and Brand Co-Founder. “Bob remains an inspiration of authenticity and equality, which is in line with the skating lifestyle.” Each deck features different imagery of Bob Marley and really gives fans the opportunity to showcase and celebrate his life and their passion for skateboarding. Sector 9 have released a variety of deck styles designed with the legend of Bob in mind. The four-board collection is constructed with 100% sustainably harvested Bamboo, ensuring the as little impact to the environment as possible. “The bamboo makes these boards cool and conscious – I love them!” adds Ziggy Marley, when asked about his feeling on the new Sector 9 collection. Starting this month, the Bob Marley series will be available for sale in select Sector 9 authorised dealers and offers something for every riding style.



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