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Salad Days Magazine | December 3, 2021

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Shy Kidx remix Bring Me The Horizon ‘Can You Feel My Heart’

Shy Kidx remix Bring Me The Horizon ‘Can You Feel My Heart’
Salad Days

Italian EDM sensation Shy Kidx’s did a remix of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’.

There’s also a Shy Kidx official Youtube video playlist available, besides the BMTH remix containing the 3 tracks from the ‘Orion’ EP:

EDM upstart to perform on Warped Tour US all summer long – Check out the track here:



Italian electronic dance music sensation SHY KIDX has released his first EP ‘Orion’ on iTunes and is now available everywhere. Initially released through Beatport exclusively, the new Epitaph release immediately hit the Top 100 chart last week. Shy Kidx is a talented artist on the cutting edge of electronica and he is about to take his unique brand of EDM sound Stateside on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long. Check out the ‘Orion’ EP by going here:

Cutting his teeth as a teenager playing in punk bands, Shy Kidx has since crafted a unique sound influenced by a slew electronica pioneers such as the Bloody Beetroots and Skrillex. With the ‘Orion’ EP, Shy Kidx delivers a unique brand of EDM that not only draws fans to the dance floor from around the world, but from all realms of music by redefining what is considered “punk.” From the carefully controlled chaos of title track to the shimmering pop gem ‘Majestic 12′ this EP shows the incredible sonic range that Shy Kidx has been able to achieve. Songs like ‘Final Warning’ do the speaking for him via hypnotic synthesizers, syncopated drums and Earth-shaking grooves that are a far cry from the typical drum and bass soundtrack you’ll hear at dance clubs. For more information on Shy Kidx stay tuned to:


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