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Salad Days Magazine | May 29, 2023

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Square One ‘WalkOf Life’ 15 Anniversary Edition

Square One ‘WalkOf Life’ 15 Anniversary Edition
Salad Days

The European Hip Hop Classic from 2001 gets an exclusive, strictly limited re-release for its 15th anniversary on july 29th.

The critically acclaimed album was a huge success in Europe, the UK and Japan, where it got an exclusive release. For the first time there will be a gatefold 2 x LP, including all the songs from the original CD version plus an inlay holding all liner notes and lyrics. The album is also available in the US through Fat Beats and – Videoreleases off the album:
>> ‘Can’t Mess’:

>> ‘Applause’:


A1 They Say
A2 Knowledge Is Knowledge
A3 From The Soul
A4 Square Biz (feat. AG & Party Arty)
A5 Applause
B1 Nuttin’ Changed
B2 Countdown
B3 One World (feat. Ali Vegas)
B4 Dreams (feat. Izz)
C1 Can’t Mess
C2 Unorthodox
C3 Loose Cannons (feat. Providence & Yinka)
C4 Paradise Lost
D1 Cry (feat. Heidi Vogel)
D2 Gangsta
D3 Taste Of Live
D4 Fallen Angels (feat. Patrice)
D5 Last Words

Square One ‘Walk Of Life’ 15 Anniversary Edition is available at:
Mp3 Download:
Vinyl 4LP + Tape –

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