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Salad Days Magazine | October 27, 2020

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Stone Island_Web Scouting: Manzine

Stone Island_Web Scouting: Manzine

From today, and every fifteen days, the new column:
WEB SCOUTING_The Web is the infinite ocean in which we navigate every day. We thought it would be interesting to map web realities of various kinds, selecting blogs, websites or online platforms that we feel have some affinity to Stone Island, ideally granting them our “stamp of approval”.
Set up in the UK two years ago – a new perspective on men’s periodicals.
Manzine, a website about the male phenomenon” is the headline of Manzine‘s homepage and the motto of the first independent publication dedicated to men and their interests. The idea came to Kevin Braddock – a journalist and contributing editor for GQ UK – two years ago: as he vented his frustrations regarding the identity crisis which afflicts men’s magazines with his colleagues, Braddock decided that it was time to create a media platform that dealt with subjects that “men discuss at the pub”. Not special diets, shopping hints, or polished fashion features. The contents of Manzine are purposefully set in a rough and ready layout and range from reviews of provincial football matches to recipes for the one and only pudding, to a design section which hosts features on subjects like atomic bomb bunkers to a reportage on young fathers and babies. And that’s not all, there are also pub reviews, stories and The Emotionalist column that overtly mocks the Economist. Originality, irony, independence, professionalism. A side-project born of a joke that now risks becoming more serious than foreseen.

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