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Salad Days Magazine | May 17, 2022

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Straight & Alert: back with two new bands!

Straight & Alert: back with two new bands!
Salad Days

Schizoid – ‘You’re To Blame’ tape is my one man band heavily influenced by No Tolerance, Protester, Boston Strangler, Brotherhood, Confront and also UKHC like The Flex.

I’m Alexis and run Straight & Alert records, sang in Harm Done, and play bass in Insecurity. This is my first demo, recorded, mixed and masterd by yours truly. There is a live line up to play shows and tours.

Tape is limited to 50 black and 50 white copies and will be ready to ship next week. Tshirts available from Small to 2XL on Gildan Ultra Cotton.

The other new band I’m in is called Insecurity. We’re playing Youth Crew influenced by 80′s stuff like Youth Of Today, Turning Point, Straight Ahead and also early 00′s bands like The First Step, True Colors or Mindset. Just released a 7″ on Refuse Records and I’ve got band copies up for sale on the store too, along with Tshirts.


Halloween ’19 cover / Black wax – 50 copies
Preorder cover / Blue wax – 110 copies
Regular cover / Black wax – 300 copies
Test Presses – ??? copies [SOLD OUT]

Straight & Alert · 7 rue du sablais · Haute Goulaine 44115 · France

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