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Salad Days Magazine | October 2, 2022

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Supra Footwear announces release of Chino in three signature colorways

Supra Footwear announces release of Chino in three signature colorways
Salad Days

This season Supra Footwear is pleased to build on the heritage of timeless skateboarding footwear with the release of the Chino.

“I’ve been skating vulc shoes since I could remember,” said SUPRA pro Boo Johnson. “I love that classic look with the thin sole. That simple style goes with pretty much any fit I wanna wear, and the board feel is perfect straight out the box.” For proven traction and performance Supra Footwear repurposed the traditional vulcanized sole of the Stacks II. A proven best-seller, the simple vulc sole offer s superior traction courtesy of a SUPRA TREAD outsole. “We wanted to go with something familiar in terms of style and how the shoe feels when you skate,” said Dennis Martin, Director of Skate Marketing. “In terms of performance, this classic vulc outsole is among the team’s favorite.”
“Building on the familiar aspects, we utilized the upper of the low top Pistol team model and I proved up on the design. The construction features an unobstructed vamp paired with a recessed quarter panel and added collar padding, allowing for improved comfort and protection while reducing wear and increasing the life of the shoe. I definitely knew it would be a nice skate shoe from the look of it,” Boo Johnson said of the Chino. “They skate pretty damn good. They have really good flick.” The Chino debuts in signature color ways for three team riders who each represent a different aspect and approach to skateboarding. As an all-around skate shoe built for any terrain, Supra Footwear selected Boo Johnson, Dee Ostrander, and Oscar Candon to usher the arrival of the Chino. “They’re all die hard skateboarders with different backgrounds, but they’re all 100% skateboarding,” Martin said. “So they’re each a great reflection of SUPRA Skateboarding and fitting ambassadors to promote the Chino.” Chino arrives to better skate shops worldwide starting early 2016. To learn more and to find a retailer near you, visit

SUPRA is a global skate lifestyle brand founded in Southern California in 2006. Inspired by passion and born from skate, SUPRA is a footwear innovator fusing fashion, music, art, and street lifestyle to classic footwear silhouettes in an innovative way. Today, SUPRA operates flagship stores in Santa Monica, New York City, Mexico City, Paris, and Tokyo and distributes to over 60 countries worldwide through an exclusive network of retail shops and high-end boutiques. SUPRA is owned by KSGB, also known as K-Swiss Inc., a division of E.Land Group, a privately held Korean company.

SUPRA Team Riders


Dee Ostrander
Plucked from obscurity by a modern street skating legend, Dee Ostrander quickly made a name for himself with his burly brand of board riding, which landed him a spot amongst the legendary pros on Baker Skateboards. Hailing from outside of Antioch, TN, Dee is a professional skate rat incarnate, always down to skate whatever spot wherever he can find it.


Oscar Candon
Riding for Frank Skateboards out of Europe, Oscar Candon is steadily making a name for himself worldwide with his unique style of unpretentious, no-frills skateboarding that combines switch skill with full-bore speed. Originally from Montpellier, France, Oscar picked up skateboarding while living in Washington D.C. From starting out on the weathered concrete of the American East Coast, Candon returned to France and continued to sharpen his teeth on the rugged Old World terrain as he grew into the go-anywhere-skate-everything ATV he is today.


Boo Johnson
Boo Johnson combines smooth, technical precision to high impact skating while somehow exuding a strong, lighthearted vibe. This paradoxical approach along with a proven track record for putting in work earned him a pro spot at DGK and an open seat in every van for any skate trip. Born Jakel Smith in Tehachapi, CA, Boo now resides in Long Beach where he kicks back and relaxes when he’s not busy destroying the streets.

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