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Salad Days Magazine | January 20, 2022

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Team Trouble – Final edit and pictures

Team Trouble – Final edit and pictures
Salad Days

We hosted the Team Trouble Contest in Laax last weekend and let me tell you, it was a blast.

“We had Teams up there from the UK, France and of course Switzerland. Including the likes of Sam Beckett, Martino Cattaneo, Julien Benoliel, Igor Fardin, Jake Collins, Alex Hallford and many more. Everybody who got up there gave us a super positive feedback, despite the super slippery ramp… we were first kind of sceptical regarding the ‘team’-format we chose cause, you know, skatebaording and team sports, they don’t really go along well, right? Turned out that if four people skate together as a crew actually ends up in them having great sessions where everybody pushed everybody a little higher. The fact that team combos were judged just as high as individual skating gave the whole thing that little foolish extra which can make skateboarding so entertaining.


George Poole FsCrail / Alan Maag

In the end the Witchcraft/Car13 Team had a slight advantage over the Lovenskate lads, right before the Warriors and the LGS Skate Squad. We had a knockout system with eight teams ending in a final and a ‘game’ for 3rd and 4th place, which meant that the first four teams had three sessions of minutes and they pushed the level every time a little bit more. Once you watch the clip it’s also obvious why Alex Hallford took the Skater of the Weekend award to the island. Please have a look at the clip!” – Alan Maag



Gaetan Ducellier Boneless / Vincent Coupeau


Fabio Martin FsJudo / Alan Maag


Ewan Over Alex / Alan Maag


Cedric Oosterhoff Lein Air Alan Maag


Cedric Oosterhoff Frontside Ollie / Alan Maag


Benoliel Over Paris / Vincent Coupeau


Benoliel and Beckett Bs Nosepicks / Alan Maag


Alex Hallford Wallbash / Alan Maag


Alex Hallford Nosebash / Alan Maag


Alex Hallford Iceplant / Vincent Coupeau


Alex Hallford BsAir / Alan Maag


Adam Paris Invert / Alan Maag


Aaron Wilmot BsAir / Vincent Coupeau


3rd Warriors / Alan Maag


2nd Lovenskate / Alan Maag


1st Witchcraft Car13 / Alan Maag


Fabio Martin FsNosebone / Alan Maag

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