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Salad Days Magazine | December 4, 2020

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The Bomb Hole Podcast Ep #21 featuring Danny Davis

The Bomb Hole Podcast Ep #21 featuring Danny Davis
Salad Days

This week Stoney Bud and Grendiesel are proud to sit down with the legendary Danny Davis.

TV commercials, a pro snowboard career with too many accolades to even list, Frends crew, Frendly gathering, Peace Park, Shalpanism, Pipe, Powder, Slopestyle, Burton’s new project ‘One World’ and a switch method better then most riders regular method as well as some world class rider impersonations you have to hear. From personal injury’s to his best friend Kevin Pearce’s life changing injury and losing Jake Burton these Bomb Holes in life shaped Danny to become the rider and man he is today.


ph. Jeff Potto

Tossing the spin to win mentality out the window and putting style above all he became one of snowboardings most loved pro’s. He might look like a traveling homeless man but don’t judge a book by it’s cover Danny Davis is one of the greatest pro’s of our time and we had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to him about his journey from the small hills of Michigan to becoming one of Burton’s marquee pro’s and a house hold name in snowboarding and more on this weeks episode of the Bomb Hole!

Top Photo: T Bird

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