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Salad Days Magazine | October 26, 2020

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The Bomb Hole Podcast Ep #26 featuring Chad Unger

The Bomb Hole Podcast Ep #26 featuring Chad Unger
Salad Days

Episode 26 of The Bombhole podcast is all about Chad Unger, one of the most interesting personality in snowboarding:

…snowboard filmer, photographer, talented snowboarder, deaf and gay who taught Stoney Bud and Grendiesel some great swear words in ASL (American Sign Language). His infectious smile, great sense of humor and eye for photo and video he is a person you just want to get to know. At a young age he was exposed to snowboarding and like many of us this sparked something in him and he knew he needed to pursue it. He left his comfort zone of an all deaf family and moved west into what was for him uncharted territory. He knew at a young age he was different but already had to be concerned about being accepted in the snowboard world being deaf but would people accept him if he was also gay? Join The Bomb Hole Podcast as sit down with Chad and learn first hand about his journey of becoming a snowboard filmer, coming out, being part of Torment magazine’s LGBTQ+ Pride story and more on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

Chad Unger’s Instagram: @blackhydrant

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