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Salad Days Magazine | September 25, 2020

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The Chariot break up, announce Farewell Tour

The Chariot break up, announce Farewell Tour
Salad Days

After ten years of being a band, The Chariot have announced their final tour via video announcement and attached statement.

The Chariot posted the above video, along with the following statement regarding their ending as a band: “Thank you. To everyone on this planet Earth that has ever supported us, helped us, watched us, hung out with us, given us a place to stay, given food, prayed over us, loaned us equipment, advised us, booked us, or given us a chance, no matter how big or small…we are forever grateful.” The farewell tour will be supported by Glass Cloud, Birds In Row,To The Wind and Rebuker. The Chariot have been around long enough to make a pretty solid mark on the rock and metal community. Five albums, one EP, over 100,000 Facebook fans, countless people attending their concerts, and now… nothing. No word on why the band are breaking up or if anyone in the band currently plan on going on to have more to do with musical projects.

Read now the full interview with Chariot on Salad Days Mag #4 and have fun:

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