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Salad Days Magazine | March 31, 2023

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The Highlights And Lowlights Of The Fourth Annual CPH Pro

The Highlights And Lowlights Of The Fourth Annual CPH Pro
Aside from three days of world class ripping, the CPH PRO represents a weekend of great times and even greater memories. This year was particularly eventful as Thrasher Magazine put on a special skateboard show on the shores of Copenhagen called Burning Of The Witch. Chris Pfanner backside 180′d himself down the massive 19-stair and was awarded $5,000 for doing so. Bodies were thrown, bonfires were blazed, and records were broken as the DVS crew represented in style with plenty of jokes and commentary along the way.

Several other European tours, including Beauty And The Beast, collided with CPH this year-adding a heavy roster of welcomed names to Saturday’s heat sheet. Over 40 A-list pros competed on Saturday, with the top 12 of the day advancing to Sunday’s finals. Each of the 12 finalists walked away with cash, but when all was said and done it was Luan Oliveira in first with $10,000, last year’s winner and DVS’ own Torey Pudwill in second with $8,000, and Sean Malto in third with $6,000. Denmark’s own Rune Glifberg walked away with first and $2,500 in the Vert comp and Rodrigo Leal sealed a victory in the Cliché best trick and $1,500. Over $70,000 in cash and prizes was given away throughout the weekend at this year’s 4th annual Copenhagen Pro. You can check out all the contest action from the 2010 CPH Pro over at TransWorld Skateboarding, Thrasher, and Skate Park Of Tampa, but for now check out some of the highlights and lowlights that lead up to this year’s contest through the eyes of the DVS team.

Street Contest Results

1. Luan Oliveira – $10,000

2. Torey Pudwill – $8,000

3. Sean Malto – $6,000

Vert Contest Results

1. Rune Glifberg – $2,500

2. Jussi Korhonen – $1,500

3. Martin Andre – $1,000

Cliché Best Trick Contest Results

1. Rodrigo Leal – Kickflip backside 360 down the stairs – $1,500

2. Neverton Casella – Switch varial heel down the stairs – $1,200

3. Elissa Steamer – Frontside 5-0 revert into the bank – $1,000

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