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Salad Days Magazine | October 2, 2022

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The May 4th Massacre – It’s in their blood

The May 4th Massacre – It’s in their blood

‘All Guilty’ is the debut full length record from The May 4th Massacre, a band native to Delaware, a state known more for it’s lack of size than anything else. The record is being released by MorseCode Recordings, a new label out of central New Jersey, owned by music video director / producer Derek A. Morse and Rachel Rosen (Indecision/Most Precious Blood). The band is made up of: Jonah Latshaw on vocals, Joshua Dowlin on drums, Kyle James on bass, Simon Gray on guitar, and Alex Insley on guitar. Latshaw and Gray are the sons of Josh Latshaw and Nathan Gray of the 90′s post-hardcore outfit, Boysetsfire. “I’ve known Simon for my entire life basically because of Boysetsfire,” states Latshaw. “I mean we grew up hanging out at their practices. I can remember trying to fall asleep while they continually practiced in a room in my basement, which is actually now my bedroom. Music and being in a band is the only thing that’s ever really interested me. I grew up around it and it’s all I’ve ever really known.” Latshaw‘s father writes, “..I guess when your earliest memory is your car seat bumping up against a full stack on the way to your daddy’s show with the Bouncing Souls, you really kinda have a path assigned to you. A destiny, so to speak. A sad precursor to destruction.” “Influence wise, I grew up listening to 90′s music with my dad. We would listen to Refused, Death By Stereo, NOFX, and lots of other stuff. My friends will tell you I’m probably one of the most opinionated people ever when it comes to music. I hate a lot of modern day bands that they love. I think that too many bands worry about being as brutal as possible, and have lost what this scene was started for.” Morse adds “The May 4th Massacre‘s sound reminds me of bands that were around during the late 90′s and early 2000′s – bands that stemmed from the hardcore scene and at the time were creating there own sound such as GlassJaw, Thursday, early Poison The Well and Vision Of Disorder. The May 4th Massacre are definitely not following the trends of what is popular with music today. You will find no guitar solos, no finger tapping and definitely no undertones of dance beats. The May 4th Massacre are a band with substance with strong opinions and views about what is going on in the world today and it comes across in the lyrics.” ‘All Guilty’ is a concept record – the concept being humanities downfall brought upon by humanity itself through greed, and malevolence. The record serves as a warning about the state of humanity and our planet. This notion is best summed up by the final lyric of the record, “this world will live on. We will die out, and we all are guilty.” The record was recorded in the Latshaw’s basement in 10 cold days in December and mixed at The Wild Arctic in Queens, New York, with engineer Dean Baltulonis.MorseCode Recordings released the bands first music video, directed by Morse, for the track ‘Flags Of Separation’

You can check out two tracks from the record at the following links

Pre Order May 4th Massacre ‘All Guilty’ and other MorseCode Recordings releases here

Derek Morse
MorseCode Productions

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