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Salad Days Magazine | April 5, 2020

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Salad Days

Saturday evening saw the return of the most prestigious dirt jump competition, The Night Harvest, for BMX & MTB in South Africa.

Locals & loads of international pro’s made it out to Hout Bay for the evening which promised to deliver some of the best riding to Cape Town. Riding masterfully sculpted trails into the night with lights set up makes it such a unique event. The crowds swarmed in & 1500 people came to absorb the craziness.








With so many amazing riders, the crowd was treated to many tricks that had never been done in SA & a few that had not been done anywhere in Africa before. In BMX Kevin Peraza blew everyones minds with combos most only see in edits online & ended up taking first for the 2nd year in a row. In MTB Nick “Tricky Nicky” Clarke was throwing himself & his bike all over the place, showing fans that he has earned that nickname & took first place. Sam Reynolds fought threw a wrist injury to thrill the Night Harvest crowd for the 3rd year in a row to claim 2nd place. 2015’s Defeding champion Matt MacDuff came in with a well earned 3rd place.

IMG_5786_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5789_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5811_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5824_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6164_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5845_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5865_Photo Sam Clark

After riding the line of jumps, the boys moved over to the big trick jump for best trick. BMX & MTB together & just sending the most massive tricks they can. Nick Clarkd AKA”Tricky Nicky” fought hard & managed to tame the beast & landed a flip barspin to tailwhip, but that wasn’t enough to take it from Declan Brooks, who did a flip tripple barspin. The Trails Crew & Monster Energy really out did themselves this year & was by far the best Night Harvest to date!

IMG_5871_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5873_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5933_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5940_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5951_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5965_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_5971_Photo Sam Clark



1st – Nick Clarke – Canada

2nd – Sam Reynolds – UK

3rd – Matt MacDuff – UK


1st – Kevin Peraza – USA

2nd – Declan Brooks – UK

3rd – Malcolm Peters – RSA

Best Trick:

Declan Brooks – Backflip triple bar spin

IMG_6014_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6018_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6025_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6056_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6064_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6072_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6104_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6119_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6137_Photo Sam Clark

IMG_6152_Photo Sam Clark

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