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Salad Days Magazine | September 27, 2022

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The Offenders ‘Alles Muss Raus’

The Offenders ‘Alles Muss Raus’
Salad Days

A priest runs into a group of skins and punkrockers partying and drinking outside of a club. What will happen?

What if the group adepts, hi­jacks and gently convinces him to stay with them and go to the party? One by one all dogmas and fears of the Holy Man fall down and away, all believes left behind. Partying hard, with streams of alcohol, sex, crowd surfing and a final blurry vision demonstrate that everything must go, eveyrthing can go – because Alles muss raus!! First videoclip of the 6th album ‘X’ to celebrate 10 years of Offenders! ‘Alles Muss Raus’ A chorus sung in German, driving us directly into a Berlin wasted night out… stomping to the beat with best ingredients of Two Tone Ska, Punkrock, Beat, Soul and Powerpopcombined into a unique mixture full of hooklines, messages and commitment! Music for Rudeboys, Skapeople, traditional Mods & Skinheads and antiracist football­fans all over the planet!
Credits: Directed by Simone Trotta Special guest & priest: Marco Scarpati
Thanks to all friends & extras of the bar crowd and to the club “Clash” / Berlin!

THE OFFENDERS ‘Alles Muss Raus’
Videoclip by Simone Trotta
2:44 min
from Album ‘X’
CD & LP / Destiny 165
( Release Date: October 16th 2015 )
File Under: Ska / Soulpunk / Beat


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