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Salad Days Magazine | December 3, 2021

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‘The Ultimate Run’ – The most insane Ski run ever imagined

‘The Ultimate Run’ – The most insane Ski run ever imagined
Salad Days

“Sometimes my mind goes kind of crazy about skiing and I ask myself, what if?”. Markus Eder in ‘The Ultimate Run’.

Winter is here and you can now experience the ‘The Ultimate Run’ – a one-of-a-kind 10-minute white-knuckle mountain descent by 2014 Olympic skier Markus Eder.


Dropping from the peaks of Zermatt to the valley floor via Klausberg ski resort, he tackles all kinds of terrain, popping powder and pistes, riding through ice caves, castles, on slopes, going through crevasses, while demonstrating versatility and style all along the way.


‘The Ultimate Run’ is a one of the most creative rider sections ever captured on film, incorporating big mountain skiing, big tricks and even bigger drops, performed by arguably one of the most skilled skiers on the planet. It was documented over two years by Innsbruck based production company Legs Of Steel, directed by ex-pro snowboarder Christoph Thorensen, and brings to life an imagined descent that Italian native Markus Eder had been visualizing since 2015

Photo credits: Harald Wisthaler / Legs Of Steel / Red Bull Content Pool

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