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Salad Days Magazine | September 29, 2023

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Tony Alva – Mixtape

Tony Alva – Mixtape
Salad Days



Tony Alva by Saladdaysmagazine on Mixcloud

This week we got the legendary Tony Alva as MIXTAPE starring of the week…5 bullets of his finest selecta; we met Tony during his super session in bastard bowl (bastard hedquarter based in Milan) with the infamous mates like Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi and Giorgio Zattoni, and he gave us a piece of his bizarre soundtrack from Jimi Hendrix to Jaco Pastorius ‘PunkJazz’ including Black Flag, Bad Brains and The Clash; the full report of that incredible day of true and sincere skateboarding will hit the pages of Salad Days Mag 14th (The Winter Chapter) scheduled for january 16th, so while waiting…go listen now what Tony Alva recommended and don’t be nostalgic of the past, if person like Tony still continues to ride a skateboard it means that everybody can do that…don’t forget the struggle – don’t forget the street! SUPPORT!!!

1) Jimi Hendrix – Night Bird Flying
2) Black Flag – Black Coffee
3) Bad Brains – I Against I
4) Jaco Pastorius – Punk Jazz
5) The Clash – Red Angel Dragnet

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